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The Terpz Inhalation System
     -- for the ultimate whole plant experience! 
  • Inhale unheated herbs. 
  • Blaze herbs and extracts. 
  • Vape herbs and extracts.


1. Inhale unheated terpenes nasally.

2. Blaze herbs and extracts orally.


3.  Vape herbs and extracts orally 
(with an optional vape pen).

Note:  The Terpz glassware collection is handcrafted by a local artist, Amber Pellegrini, according to our ergonomically correct formula. (patents pending).

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Invented by a psychophysiologist, the Terpz™ inhalation system is the world's first, convenient and elegant, olfactory-centered method for whole plant delivery. The unique, two-chambered, handcrafted glass allows for unheated, bioactive terpenes to be inhaled nasally (without destroying them with heat), along with orally inhaled, heated bioactive constituents. 

From flowers to fruit, terpenes are the volatile molecules in herbal medicine and food that account for each plant's unique aroma and character. 

In cannabis, for example, they combine with other molecules in the plant to account for the wide variety of medicinal, health, creative, and recreational effects that people report experiencing from its consumption.

Terpenes contribute to the "entourage effect" that is reported from the whole cannabis plant experience.

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Terpz  Use
(Use and Care of Your Terpz Inhalation System)

1.  How to Use the Terpz Inhalation System

Inhale aromatic terpenes with your nose from the herbs you place in the Terpz fragrance chamber.
Blaze your herb in the bowl.

  ~~ or ~~

Vape your herb with an optional vape pen. 

Wait: for a few minutes for its intended effect.

Repeat:  as needed, but take your time to find your comfort zone.  That's part of the experience!

2.  We suggest ...

  • use of a variety of organic terpene fragrances and herbs from trusted sources whenever possible. 

  • visual examination and sampling of the scent of your herb prior to each use to check for off-odor, mold, and other contaminants.

  • pull apart or grind your herb into small pieces to easily fit in the Terpz herb chambers.

  • stir the contents of the fragrance chamber from time to time to help release new fragrance.

  • replenish herbs in the fragrance chamber as needed; when not in use, if you keep the provided cork in the fragrance chamber, the herbs will last longer and old herbs can be recycled by vaping or blazing -- or just discarded if you prefer. 

  • wipe the fragrance chamber with alcohol before adding fresh herbs.  This will help assure minimal herbal residue and limit the possibility of rancidity; be sure to rinse the alcohol out with cold water.

  • not sharing use of Terpz with others without first heating or wiping the mouthpiece with alcohol (may help keep from spreading bacteria and viruses).

  • if you blaze, visually inspect Terpz periodically to be sure it is clean and without residue build-up.

  • a gentle application of rubbing alcohol (or other safe specialty cleanser) and lightly scrubbing Terpz with a flexible cotton swab and/or soft pipe cleaners as needed, complete with a gentle, thorough cold water rinse.  Repeat as needed.

3.  Mindfulness

 By allowing Terpz to help you focus on airflow sensation, fragrance, and rhythm of your breath you will be able to achieve a mindful state of attention or concentration through breathing. 

Skilled mindfulness practices include such tips as being careful to exhale deeply to ready your body for the first deep inhalation in a sequence of mindful, relaxed breaths. 

These kinds of deep and mindful breathing practices are reported as being associated with enhanced relaxation, recreation, creativity, managing stress and sleeplessness, and other improvements to well-being.

4.  Variety Is Important

Try different herbs for the Terpz fragrance chamber based on their natural terpenes and their commonly reported biological effects. 

For example, the following terpenes are produced by various strains of cannabis as well as other plants and herbs noted below.

Here are some examples of effects that have been reported from some of the hundreds of terpenes that are thought to modulate the effects of cannabis (depending on the strain that is consumed) and other herbal medicines.

  • a-Pinene - also found in pine

  • (bronchodilator, memory aid, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory)
  • Terpinolene - also found in cumin, lilac, apple, tea-tree, conifers

  • (anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-insomnia)
  • Limonene - also found in citrus

  • (energizing, uplifting, reduces acid reflux, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant)
  • beta-Caryophylene - also found in black pepper

  • (anti-inflammatory, analgesic, protects cells lining digestive tract)
  • Linalool - also found in lavender

  • (promotes relaxation, anesthetic, anti-convulsant, relieves pain, anti-anxiety, reduces burns)
  • Myrcene - also found in hops 

  • (anti-insomnia, muscle relaxant)
  • Cineole - also found in eucalyptus

  • (relieves pain) 
  • Pulegone - also found in rosemary, minty/camphor

  • (may prevent short-term memory loss)


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See here for additional information about terpenes: 

from Medical Jane: 

    by Zach Reichard:  "Terpenes: What Are Terpenoids & What Do These Terpenes Do?"

    by Drake Dorm:  "Terpenes May Improve Effectiveness Of Medical Marijuana"

from Ed Rosenthal: "Grower's Handbook"

from High Times, by Martin A. Lee: "Talking Terpenes"

from Wikipedia: "Terpenes"


We believe 2014-2015 will prove to be the years for terpenes and whole plant research -- just as 2013 was the year for CBD awareness." 

                                                 -- LifeSense Technologies, LLC


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LifeSense Technologies, LLC
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Under U.S. federal law, use or  possession of cannabis and preparations from cannabis are illegal unless under an approved exemption by the Food and Drug Administration.  Cannabis is still a Schedule I controlled substance under U.S. federal law.

Information on these pages is educational.  Nothing on these web pages is intended to support, encourage, or promote the illegal cultivation, possession, use, trade, or commerce of cannabis or the breaking of any law.

All use of Terpz, if with cannabis, must be in strict compliance with Washington state law RCW 69.51A or I-502.  If sold or used under Washington state I-502, Terpz systems are for use only by adults 21 and older.  Keep out of the reach of children. 


Please consult your health professional before starting any new health care program.

The Terpz inhalation system is not a medical device and has not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration for permission to market. The information on these web pages is educational information and is not meant as medical or therapeutic advice. Terpz is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. Terpz is designed to increase the subjective feelings of well-being of those who use it with a variety of herbs.  The Food and Drug Administration has not reviewed any of the statements herein. 

Please consult your health professional for any advice regarding diagnosis, cure, and treatment of any disease or disorders.